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  • Deionized Water: Ion-free water that maintains the texture of the toothpaste 

  • Glycerin: A natural sweetening and preserving agent

  • Citric Acid: An organic acid that assists in reducing tartar and removing stains 

  • Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate: A polishing agent that restores tooth enamel

  • Calprox: Our proprietary, silica free, whitening ingredient that dissolves stains and cleans teet witout abrasion 

  • Cellulose Gum: A vegetarian based thickener that creates a creamy texture

  • Urea Peroxide: A natural preservative and whitening agent

  • Carhopol 934P: A gelling agent for smooth, glossy texture and easy flow from tube

  • Potassium Hydroxide: Prevents tooth decay by neutralizing acid

  • Flavor: Natural London broil beef flavor

  • Phosphoric Acid: A stabilizer and polishing compound

  • Sodium Benzoate: Protect the natural London Broil flavor

  • EDTA: A stabilizer used to maintain our unique formula

  • Cetylpyridinium Chloride: A germ fighter that reduces halitosis producing bacteria

  • Petsmile uses only safe, food grade ingredients and contains no parabens, silica, sulfates or dyes 


Petsmile®. Approved by vets and pets.

Pestmile’s unique formula contains Calprox®, a proprietary formula that’s clinically proven to improve oral health. Petsmile is the first toothpaste to be awarded the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance, which found that it met the pre-set VOHC standards for retarding accumulation of dental plaque. They found that with regular use of Petsmile, dogs had significantly less plaque, better oral health, and fresher breath.

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